Winter at Tel Aviv After School Centers: Greetings from a Warm Home

There is good news from our clubs in Tel Aviv – the winter is very hot and full of activities!

Contribution of looking through the lens of trauma to work with children at-risk

Yad Rachel Educational & Therapeutic Centers, as a leading organization in treatment of children at-risk and their families in the community, invests much effort in teams training and in establishing partnerships with academic organizations in the field. This year, Yad Rachel and the Haruv Institute are giving a training course to the staff on the subject “Contribution of looking through the lens of trauma to work with children at-risk”.

In this course, the team was exposed to the principles of trauma treatment, its impact and how to cope with its expression. Knowing more about this, is ment to assist the staff intreating children and their family members in Yad Rachel Centers.

Most of the children and youth who come to our After School Centers have experienced traumatic events in the family. These events influenced their development and their relationships with their parents. Today’s studies point to the dramatic implications of childhood trauma on the development of the brain, on mental and physical health, and even on the lifespan.

The “lens” of trauma sees the development of children, parents’ parenting models, and the relationships between the family members, in light of traumatic events that occur in the family. It emphasizes an active approach that includes elements such as direct and specific discussion of the past traumas, linking child difficulties and parenting difficulties to events that have occurred and building a narrative with children concerning the events that happened to them, paying attention to the physical aspects of trauma, building a safe space for children and staying aware of the possibilities of re-traumatization during the therapy.

The course is held by Paula David and Dr. Ronit Sharon. Paula David is is a social worker and a graduate of the psychotherapy course of the Jerusalem Psychoanalytic Society, the director of the Curriculum Division at the Haruv Institute, working in a private clinic, and also as a coordinator of training in Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP). Dr. Ronit Sharon – Social Worker, Director of the Talia Center for Children and Parents, lecturer at the Hebrew University.

עמותת יד רחל מרכזים חינוכיים טיפוליים, כגוף מוביל בכל הקשור בטיפול בילדים ומשפחות בסיכון בקהילה, משקיעה רבות בהכשרת הצוותים ובשותפויות עם גופי ידע בתחום. השנה יד רחל ומכון חרוב מעבירים השתלמות לצוות  בנושא “תרומת המבט דרך העדשה של טראומה לעבודה עם ילדים בסיכון”.

בפעילות נחשף הצוות לעקרונות של טיפול בטראומה, השפעתה וכיצד להתמודד עם ביטויה- אשר יסייעו לצוות המועדונית בטיפול בילדים בסיכון.

רוב הילדים ובני הנוער שמגיעים למועדוניות, חוו אירועים טראומטיים במשפחה. אירועים אלה השפיעו על התפתחותם ועל הקשרים שלהם עם הוריהם.  מחקרים של היום מצביעים על השלכות דרמטיות של טראומה בילדות על המוח המתפתח, הבריאות הנפשית והפיזית, ואפילו על תחולת החיים.

ה”עדשה” של טראומה רואה את התפתחות הילדים, ההורות של הורים, והקשרים ביניהם, לאור אירועים טראומטיים שמתרחשים במשפחה. היא מדגישה גישה אקטיבית, הכוללת אלמנטים כגון דיבור ישיר ומפורש על טראומות העבר, קישור קשיי הילד וקשיי הורות לאירועים שקרו ובניית נרטיב עם ילדים על האירועים שקרו להם, תשומת לב לביטויים הגופניים של טראומה, בניית מרחב מוגן לילדים, וערנות לאפשרויות של רה-טראומטיזציה במרחב הטיפולי.

התכנים מוגשים על ידי מרצות המומחות במחום – פולה דוד וד”ר רונית שרון. פולה דוד  היא עובדת סוציאלית ובוגרת קורס הפסיכותרפיה של החברה הפסיכואנליטית בירושלים, מנהלת האגף לתוכניות לימוד, מכון חרוב. בעלת קליניקה פרטית. במסגרת העבודה במכון חרוב, מרכזת את ההכשרה בפסיכותרפיה ילד-הורה (Child-Parent Psychotherapy, CPP). ד”ר רונית שרון  – עובדת סוציאלית, מנהלת מרכז טליה לילדים והורים, מרצה באוניברסיטה העברית.

November – the month of friendship in Yad Rachel

I have a friend, he’s brown like chocolate.
He is so nice to me when I’m really sad.
You’re right, from me he is so different,
But how could I give up on such a good friend?
What a fun is it to have many friends …
(Chana Goldberg)

This month, we dealt with Yad Rachel programs with the subject of friendshi, In addition in Literacy Program we’ve learned concepts of chorus and description.
The children began to accept themselves with their difficulties as a starting point for growing, expressing their feelings without feeling threatened, afraid or ashamed, listening to and seeing and accepting the other.

All the methodical content was developedbuilt by Yad Rachel’s professional team, a pedagogical coordinator, a training coordinator and an accompanying social worker, in order to ensure that the topics and the methodics meet the needs of the children.

We thank you again for your commitment to helping children to succeed despite the social and economic distress into which they were born and grown up.

Teenage Girls Create Theater -For Making A Change And Promoting Social Discourse

The Etty Hilsom Israeli Youth Theater is a unique project – the first of its kind (founded in cooperation between Israel and France), which offers intensive training in various theater specializations to at-risk youth from all walks of life in Israel. The Theater operates in Anis auditorium in Dalet district of Jaffa. It’s main audience consists of youth at risk, jews, arabs, christians, wigrant Workers and asylum seekers.
Yad Rachel Educational & Therapeutic Centers operates a leading network of programs for children at-risk and their families throughout Israel to provide them with the tools they need to overcome their educational, emotional, and social difficulties, being able to grow up to the best of their abilities, to have a better future, and become contributing adults who integrate successfully into Israeli society.
Why theater? The language of art is a universal nonverbal language that is able to connect different cultures and social groups, to brake socio-economic barriers. It offers a person many different ways of self expression. The complex situation in Israel leads amongst many other problems to elimination of direct ways of communication, weakning of the sense of belonging, exclusion, alienation, interpersonal aggression. Regional escalation raises the level of anxiety in most of us, and even more – in youth and families at risk.
We believe that with the help of this tool, we will be able to bring our girls a change and help them live more satisfying, safe, value-laden, worthy, protected and just life. We chose to focus on a “Warm House” – a Center run by the Yad Rachel Foundation in cooperation with the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality. It is a a unique place that provides a solution for daughters of asylum seekers and migrant workers. They lack legal status in Israel. The girls come from different countries: Eritrea, Sudan, Ghana, Kenya and the Philippines. The group consists of 15 girls, grades 7-9 (ages 13-16). The girls will be exposed to a variety of theater specialties and will be able to specialize in accordance with their inclinations and abilities. They will experience a variety of workshops and classes and will perform at the end of the year in front of parents and guests. In the second stage of the program, the girls will be integrated into the existing theater groups. The activity will take place both at the Warm House itself (at the Rogozin School) and at the theater. The program will be carried out jointly by Yad Rachel’s inter-professional team and the Kol HaNoar Theater, led by Gal Horowitz, the theater’s founder and director, and funded by the Yahel Foundation.

The first PANDA group in Bat Yam: learning how to cope with crisises

We have recently opened the first PANDA group in the Yad Rachel Afterschool Center in Bat Yam. The group is dyadic, which means it provides a therapy to 7 parent-child pairs from the group.
PANDA (The name is based on the Hebrew abbreviation of the sentence “Here We’ll learn the ways to cope”) is a new and a very special program, dedicated to self-regulation amongst children. It is based on the latest knowledge in the field of building and strengthening the ability to self-regulation, including techniques of mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral methods and narrative interventions that are applied creatively and playfully.
The first meeting was a preparatory meeting for parents only, next week we will also meet with the children and start working together and learn about new methods of coping with various kinds of crisises.

Year Closing Event in Alon Shvut Center

Yesterday the children and their family members of the Alon After School Center of Yad Rachel in the Alon Shvut community gathered for a festive event to mark the end of the year of joint activity with the parents. The families met at Ammunition Hill and tried some challenging activities in which the parents and the children together coped with climbing to huge heights, walking on ropes and surfing in the omega while helping, encouraging, and especially enjoying together.

After that, Mastershef’s cooking activity took place and the families received a great meal othey nade together.

This activity summarizes a year of joint activity with the parents during which they regularly arrived at the program and received a unique quality time together with their children. We were very excited all year long to see them at the Center and enjoy their cooperation. We were also excited to see the children and parents enjoying the various joint activities.

Purim market at the Maof After School Center

Although Purim is already behind us, it is still not too late to tell you about the unique Purim market that took place at the Maof After School Center that operates within the Ilan Ramon School in Jerusalem.

This is the second year that the children of the club set up a Purim market for all their schoolmates. The kids plan and arrange the market from scraatch all by themselves. They make up stations, prepare the signs and decorations, they promote the market in the weeks before Purim and of course they themselves guide the children at the stations.

We see in this very significant empowerment process for our kids.

With the help of the Purim market, children learn to be responsible, experience a sense of ability and success, learn to persevere, cope with frustrations, and so on. This time, too, the market was a great success.

Well done to the kids and all the respect to the team !!!

Our Champions In The Jerusalem Marathon

מרטוןLast Friday in the Jerusalem Marathon was held in the city. Lots of runners participated in the race, but one group stood out – the children of Gilboa After School Center of Yad Rachel. The kids and staff ran together and we see them as The Champions and Winners even before the race began.We admire their initiative, participation and sportsmanship!

A fun evening for Bat Yam mothers

Recently we’ve arranged a fun evening for the mothers of the kids from our After School Center in Bat Yam.

The purpose of the evening was just to let them enjoy one evening without the children, husbands, and other things to worry about, the evening just for them.

We invited a makeup artist who works a lot in various fashion styles. She gave a lecture about ways to apply a makeup and also many great tips about cosmetics and care, trying to adjust to the needs of for each one of the mothers.

Finally there was a rich and healthy dinner, and we presented a modest gift to every woman who came!

The event was very successful and everyone had a lot of fun!

A meeting with the writer Mirik Snir

As a part of the project “After the the reading” for encouraging and strengthening the passion to read in Yad Rachel After School Center “Erez” we held a meeting with the writer Mirik Snir. Preparation for the meeting started long before the activity: in the month preceding the arrival of the writer, children read some of her books, during learning activities for parents and children they wrote together some interesting questions for Mirik. In addition, every parent and child received Instructions and materials for making an animal from the story “If suddenly I meet a lion”. The exhibition presented the animals to the writer on the day of the meeting. During the meeting Mirik told children stories, answered their questions, presented them with signed books and held a conversation parents on their responsibilities as adults to expose children to books and enrich their world. Both parents and kids really liked it and it appeared to us that all of the sides got a lot of positive experience from this activity.

Literacy Program funded by The Jerusalem Foundation as a part of Yad Rachel Activity

We are very grateful for the continued funding The Jerusalem Foundation is providing for our Literacy Program.

In the current information age, an individual’s literacy level has a critical impact on a person’s ability to integrate into society, to contribute to it and enjoy the contribution from it. Literacy skills, including the ability to acquire language, social competence, etc. and to use it correctly, begins to form at an early age. As a child grows up, we witness a remarkable evolutionary process, rich and multi-dimensional. Studies show that when it comes to literacy skills, the children problematic social backgrounds struggle wit the  most significant gaps and their success levels in the field of literacy are much lower then those of the children from a high socio-economic background.

The combination of the educational component, emotional component and extra studies, as part of a treatment offered by Yad Rachel, allows families to move forward  with confidence creative and to grow up productive members of the society.

Together with The Jerusalem Foundation we have established the assisted learning room in Yad Rachel main building in Jerusalem. This room has a magical atmosphere where we are able to give children the opportunity to get to know the world of letters, reading and writing more closely. Our teachers have worked hard on the design and planning of the room and of course on preparing learning materials and activities to help kids make the most out of the space offered. The children will find here a place to read, to play, to create works of art on issues related to the stories they are being taught at the moment and on and on. Environment is  comfortable here, neatly kept room and it’s good arrangement helps children to feel respect and appreciation for the activities that take place there, and even for themselves when they take part and make success in the learning process.

We are always happy to thank our donors and partners from The Jerusalem Foundation!

Have a closer look to our renewed learning room:



Our first project on a J-GIVE website- a hot meal program for after school centers

Greetings to all our partners and friends!

We are making the first steps in a very modern and interesting way to give you an opportunity to support our projects –  J-GIVE website, which allows to accept financial contributions without unnecessary fees and costs. Your donation goes directly to us. There is only minimal clearance costs, which would anyway be charged when donating through credit card.

We will be delighted if you could help us publish our first campaign there and, of course, if you would like to donate!

To go to the donation page  through J-GIVE, please click here or on the image:

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Fishing rods, not the fish

As every holiday, this Pesach DSPG workers have already met for the packing of food packages, which were a few days ago sent to Yad Rachel centers around the country. The trucks brought us lots of good good things, donated and packed with great love.

DSP Group company and employees partner with us for a decade. Not only they give us the “fish”, but also generously generously provide our children with “fishing rods”. Beyond food supplies they are concerned about financing educational programs for children and their family members.

In Yad Rachel we know, that only with the help of the best quality education we can break the cycle of poverty and enable our children a better future.

It is a privilege for us to be accompanied by the company’s employees, for whom the words justice and kindness are not just words, but accompanied with deeds full of love, caring and respect.

This Passover Yad Rachel children will be happy and full not only wit the meal, but also with the knowledge.

Celebrating Passover in Mavkiim Center

Waiting for Passover approaching, the children gathered yesterday in Yad Rachel Center in Mavkiim and and celebrated the holiday together along with the team of the Center. They held a meal, printed their own Agadot, set the most beautiful table and created a very festive atmosphere. This is an opportunity for us to wish happy holiday for all our patients, staff and their families. We wish everyone a pleasant holiday full of experiences.

Evening dedicated to the staff members of the Central Region

Once a in a while we bring together some of Yad Rachel  170 staff members of the from different frameworks we operate across the country, who invest so many hours and energies and powers to fulfil the needs of many hundreds of patients. The staff try to improve as much as possible in helping the patients and respond to their needs. They do so with great dedication and great love. Yesterday, the Center team from all the Central Region gathered at the special evening meeting.

This is one of the ways for us to thank them and express our appreciation to employees for their wonderful work, try to see them as good as they see their patients  and respond to some of the needs of their challenging and complex work. At the event they’ve met with  playback theatre  “Spark” crew. The staff told stories of everyday life at the After School Centers, stories about the challenges they face in their work, stories about children who challenged them, the dilemmas they had while working, and actors presented their stories in front of everyone while they improvise and dramatise the stories as they see and experience them. The experience was very successful and funny and everyone seemed to have really enjoyed. At the end of the evening everyone enjoyed a dinner made by the team leaders.

Parent-Child group in Ein Tzurim Center

Recently we completed a therapy group for parents and children in Yad Rachel Parent-Child center for the community of Nitzan. During the meetings families created mosaic on the wall in the shape of the heart. The work required a lot of patience, perseverance, and planning and result in no doubt filled everyone with excitement and pride.
This work is another one of the many ways in which we try to get people to feel comfortable in the Center and feel that the Center also belongs to them and they are part of it.

Mother’s Day in Jasmine Center

Towards upcomming Mother’s Day celebrated soon by Arab society, in Jasmine After School Club for Arab society in Lod there was held a spacial parent-child activity. The families met a yoga teacher, who read them a story and practiced exercises movements according to the figures that appeared in the story. The attendance ind themcollaboration of the families was high. Some families whose children are not regularly in the Center, also came to the event. There was great excitement among mothers and children and they seem really enjoying it.

Paz After School Center Exhibition In Israeli Museum

This week there was an impressive and exciting event at the Israeli Museum. Kids from Paz After School Center which is operated by Yad Rachel in Rainbow Talpaz school in East Talpiot in Jerusalem, presented their art works to their families, school officials and representatives of the Ministry of Welfare. The exhibition at the museum was the end of a very significant process occurred in the past two months, during which the children came once a week, accompanied by a museum’s art instructor, Mrs. Nina Elan. They produced several series of works of art related to nature and life circles. The exposure of children to the subject, the art and the museum was very significant for them. During the work they have learned a lot about themselves and their friends and acquired many tools that will help them in their lives. In addition to the exhibition of children’s works of, families also received a guided tour of one of the current exhibitions at the museum and  were interested in it, asked lot of questions and participated very actively.

This is not the first time we have such cooperation with Israel Museum and all the museums in the country and every time we are excited about the intensity of the process and the exhibitions themselves for the children and their parents and therapeutic work done outside the treatment room.

Purim in the Parent-Child Center Ein Tzurim

We’ve recently celebrated the holiday of Purim Also the Parent-Child Center in Ein Zurim. All Yad Rachel’s families treated there got together for exciting Purim eve, which included several workshops. There was as an art workshop, makeup and photography workshop and baking workshop. All workshops were presented by parents from the Center. The evening was very exciting and special.

Purim in Yad Rachel

These days we celebrate the holiday of Purim all around the country. Of course, it also was felt in our programs. The team members are doing their best to give children a special experience, colorful and happy.

Here are only several examples: our  main building in Jerusalem became a palace with a fancy banquet hall, Alonim Afterschool Center became a live jungle, the Center in Mavkiim turned to a magical world of Alice in Wonderland and the kids from  Alon Shvut were surprised to celebrate the holiday in  the Kingdom of Sweets.

Thanks to huge effort of the staff members and their orientation towards the needs of our children, the kids from our Centers had really  happy and special Purim holiday.

Annual corporate training for Yad Rachel employees

As in previous years all our employees were invited to take part in Yad Rachel annual corporate training day. Staff welfare and professionalism are part of our priorities in the way Yad Rachel operates and plans its resources to give our children and their family members the best service possible.

We were blessed with very dedicated staff members who put all their time and resources, particularly emotional, ‘to see’ the needs of patients that are facing them and provide them with the most appropriate response during the year. Our employees meet daily with the difficulties of others and do all they can to help and benefit, even if it means investing lot of time and thought outside of the work hours. This seminar is an opportunity for us to allow our dear staff, to have some time off and get a breathe of fresh air to continue to deal with the challenges they all do in the professional way in which they do this, and to  say a heartfelt thank you for their work.

Creating and Recycling In Yad Rachel Preschool Center

Each month in Yad Rachel Afterschool Centers has it’s special topic. At the Alonim Center for preschoolers from Jerusalem we’ve been working recently on two themes: “Me And My Body” and “The Family”. On the firs one the staff dedicated some time to the concept of “personal space”. Councellors and kids created puppets and created small drama sketches on various situations of everyday life that allow even such small children to understand the idea. One of the activities on the subject of the family was the creation of the family of animals and the dialog about various characteristics different families may have.

Yahav And Hayovel Visit Nitzanim Mental Health Clinic

The staff members of Yad Rachel Afterschool Centers Yahav and Hayovel for children with behavioral difficulties from Bat Yam have recently visited a Nitzanim clinic for children and youth, which is a wing of Abarbanel Mental Health Center. Clinic Director Dr. Kurtzman gave an overview and explanation of the services given in the clinic and Mrs Klein Lakstein, social worker and director of the Early Childhood Unit, explained about the various types of parents and children patients. Then the group had a tour around the place. For us, in Yad Rachel, the enrichment and professional training of the team and collaborating with various community facilities are significant factors in the quality of therapy and care we provide for our children.

The Family Day In Nitzan Center

Yad Rachel After-School Center in Nitzan chose to celebrate the Family Day with the Chef’s School dedicated to this special day. The children made pralines in different flavours of their choice. After preparing the chocolate they turned to writing a blessing and gift wrap for the sweets they created for the family.

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Children As Partners In Afterschool Centers

One of the goals that we’ve decided to promote this year at Yad Rachel Educational And Therapeutic Afterschool Centers in the Cenral and Southern regions was “Involving the kids” in decision making and various therapeutic activities and processes. As part of this concept, the children were invited private talks prior their “professional committees” were held to make descisions about them. Our purpose was to let them express their opinion, or even participate in determining the content of the various activities during the week in Afterschool Centers. This descision grew on the base of a belief that the child is worty to be relied in and has the forces to choose tobe a relevant partner and to grow up holding positive active position in life.
In our Centers for children with behavioral difficulties in Bat Yam children regulary participate in choosing content and arranging activities for other group members. In the picture, illustrating this, you may see the activity that was held yesterday on the topic “boycotts and violence”.

Tu Bishvat in Yad Rachel Afterschool Centers

Not long ago we celebrated Tu Bishvat in our Afterschool Centers across the country. In Nitzan Center we’ve cooked together with the children different meals and prepered them enriching knowledge quiz on this holiday and its customs. Our centers in Tel Aviv, which operate under complex conditions of instability and technical difficulties, were able to arrange special activities for children coming from families of refugees and migrant workers.

Seminars For Team Leaderes And Social Workers

This week, two seminars were held for team leaders and social workers of all Afterschool Centers we operate across the country. The seminars dealt with the concept of an important aspect of Sociotherapy theory, a theory that accompanies and guides our work in clubs: The person on duty. Study included analysis of an article called “Internal drama of accepting an official position in the organization,” by Yossi Trist, and the experience of team leaders and social workers in experiential learning. The seminars were very significant and we believe that they made a great contribution to the ongoing work in clubs. Learning and professionalism of the staff is an important value for us according to the belief and understanding that the more we invest in it,the better we will end up not only with our employees but also with clients.

Shahar Afterschool Center Is Re-Opened

As well, after several months that the Shahar Center for children with behavioral difficulties in Ramle, was closed for reasons beyond our control, it is re-opened this week. The children were waiting for and looking forward this badly. They wanted to return to their normal activities. They were greating the team and new staff members with great joy. The first week of activities was dedicated by staff to getting to know each other and the rules of the Center. In addition the kids enjoyed from the yoga class we started this year, which is taught by a professional teacher. We are happy that joy and excitement are high, and we wish much success to the children and staff

Sports in Bat Yam With Our Volunteers

Another volunteer activity was held at our Aferschool Center in Bat Yam by the Sports Association of Holon. They offered the kids sportive training with attractive equipment and had a soccer match between the Center’s kids and their own children. During the year a number of such meetings are planned to take place.

Seminar On Puppetry In Jerusalem

As a part of personnel training program, at regular intervals throughout the year there are being held various enrichment courses and seminars. These seminars cover issues relevant to our work with children and their families, as we strive to professionalize it and to give our staff the greatest variety of tools to help them cope with the challenges they face working in our Centers. During the last month we’ve offered our team in Jerusalem to take a part in a course on puppetry. Our counsellors had learned and experienced working with puppets and received an additional and very creative tool with which they can conduct a therapeutic dialog with the children.

El Al Volunteers Are Back

In our work we’ve created relationships with many volunteers, some individuals and some come as a pert of organizations. During the previous year we’ve created a strong partnership with a team of El Al employees, who have visited a number of times during the year at our Afterschool Center in Ramle, bringing along lots of accessories for various activities and especially a lot of positive attitude and a desire to give. At the end of the year, the children were invited to visit the company’s main site at Ben Gurion Airport. We were pleased when during this Chanukah, our contact with the team was renewed and they came back and took a part in center’s work.

Art project together with the Bat Yam Museum

The children of the Yahav and Hayovel Afterschool Centers, the two Centers we run in Bat Yam, have begun taking part in an art project in cooperation with the Bat Yam Museum. The project brings the children to the Museum once a week, and for an hour and a half they learn about various art-related topics and create artwork on the subject they learned about. At the end of the project, a serious exhibition will take place at the Museum, where the children will present their work to their families and the broad public.

Team Training in Kiryat Bialik

In “Yeda” school in Kiryat Bialik, where we consult and support counselling team by training staff at the school, we’ve offered a Seminar on sharpening their main task as counsellors at school, focusing on difficulties that tend to arise and various productive ways to deal with them.

The opening of Bar’am Afterschool  Center, an Afterschool Center for the Arab society in Ramle

Following quite a few bureaucratic difficulties, we are happy to have re-opened the Bar’am Afterschool Center. This is the fifth year the Center has been operating in the city, and it seems to be very important to the families and children. The first parent-child meeting this year took place recently. During the activity, each family prepared a sign for their home. The activity was very successful. The children and parents were excited to create together, and the atmosphere was excellent. After the activity, each family took the sign home. This Afterschool Center, like the others, emphasize work with children and parents together, based on the professional approach of working with a child in the context of the family.

Learning music at the Afterschool Centers

The Yad Rachel Afterschool Center at Bat Yam has received a synthesizer. The team has decided very creatively to use the synthesizer as an additional tool for working with the children. They have begun teaching the kids how to play, and the kids have learned to use it as a new way to calm down when they need to, and just for enjoying the music, too.

At the Bat Ayin Center, the staff chose to apply their musical abilities and teach the children how to play guitar. The parents contributed a symbolic payment, and Yad Rachel funded the rest, and so each child received a guitar. Once a week their counselors give them a guitar playing class.

At the Afterschool Centers, we look for the healthy abilities in children and make an effort to strengthen these abilities and improve their positive experience

Introduction encounter between the personnel of Afterschool and Parent-Child Centers in Bat Yam

In the city of Bat Yam, we run two Afterschool Centers for children with behavioral difficulties, as well as a Parent-Child Center for families with very young children (Paths to Parenthood). This month, an introductory encounter took place between the teams of both frameworks. Each team presented the work of its framework, which led to a joint learning experience. We are expecting collaboration between the different units we are keeping in the city, for the benefit of the families and children. This collaboration is the added value of Yad Rachel’s work in the different projects.

Healthy nutrition workshop for parents of Afterschool Center children in the South

The Yad Rachel Afterschool Centers in Yishuv Nitzan and Yishuv Mavki’im started a nutrition workshop for parents this month, provided by “Leket Israel”.

The workshop is taught by a nutritionist, and during the meetings the parents learn about healthy nutrition, receive tips and recipes for healthy meals, and even practice cooking. In our work with children and parents at Activity Centers, we touch the lives of the families and the kids and try to improve their quality of life in various aspects.

An Enrichment Center Opens In Lod

This month we have begun operating the Enrichment and Empowerment Center in our building in Lod. Enrichment activities are offered to the children of the Lod city community, wherein over 40 children will enjoy three classes: thinking games, science, and comics.


Keeping in touch with Afterschool Center graduates

The Afterschool Center at Alon Shvut has decided to remain in touch with its graduates. Kids who have gone through several years of the therapy process at the Center, return to the Center for a day a week. They have lunch, help the young children with their homework, and take part in the activities. Some days the graduates plan the activities together with the team of counselors and run them for the children by themselves.

Such days let us stay in touch with the graduates, and let them give back for what they have received over the years.